Mac Config Sync with Dropbox

IT guys all prefer like use self computer, so am I, it’s a unhappy thing to take the MBP from home to office everyday. Luckily there is an iMac wasn’t being used.

The next is how to make the same environment?

I used RVM, ZSH, Homebrew, Git, VIM, npm and so on, some of these have config file by itself, and ZSH, VIM also have there config folder, how to make these sync by multi-macs?

Thanks for inode, more to see: inode, it makes things became simple.

I choose Dropbox, enen though the side has been blocked in China, however, it’s still the best sync tool, the only one.

####Create Config Folder under Dropbox Sync Folder

$ mkdir ~/Dropbox/osxconfig

####Move the config files/folders to osxconfig

Cut the config files to sync folder, like .gitconfig, .npmrc, .rvmrc, .vimrc, .zshrc….

####Create soft link from sync folder to $HOME

$ ln -s ~/Dropbox/osxconfig/.zshrc ~/.zshrc

For easy, I aslo create a sh file to make it automation, backup and create link.

####Create the soft link at another OS X after synced

Now just run the sh file to create link, and restart shell to take changes effect.

It’s very simple, and you can also sync the everything (app, files) and create the link to the space you want.

####Start Dropbox

Use this link to start with Dropbox,, Yes, I will get more 250MB space if you register with this link and thanks!